Increasing Student Participation in Class

Student Participation - In a university full of wonderful teachers it becomes easy for students to sit back and absorb information. As the sage on the stage or classroom facilitator lecturers can increase student engagement and feedback during lectures and seminars using one of these simple tools.

1. Create a Google Doc and share it with your students. Encourage them to access it via their personal laptops, tablets, or smartphones to ask questions and make comments. As the lecturer you can post Socratic questions, knowledge checks, or inspiring quotes for your students to respond to. This simple tool can increase discussion and promote the use of a free and open technology. Moreover, it can serve as a transcript of the session for you to check student understanding.

2. Class Dojo is an online application aimed at primary and secondary students, however in the age of virtual badges it can be used during seminar to model positive feedback.

3. TodaysMeet allows you to create a virtual room where students can post questions and comments before, during, and after a session. This tool is a good alternative for students who are not willing to voice their questions in class. This tool allows you to tailor your lecture or seminar to the needs of the student.

Do you have questions or concerns about implementing these tools in your module? Contact your schools' Learning Technology and we can help you.


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