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Minerva - There has been an update to Minerva during the Christmas break which will give you more control over paragraphs, fonts, and type sizes. Line breaks now appear correctly and will do so in announcements sent from Minerva. You can also copy text from Microsoft Word and paste this into Minerva, use the preview tool to check your text before submitting.

The main change you will notice is the text editing box, this is completely new, and based on the text editing tools you will find in blogs such as Wordpress.com

If you are using a newer Mac you will find that text copied from Google docs or email cannot be pasted into Minerva, this issue only affects you if you are using Google's Chrome browser on Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion). You can paste copied text into another program such as Textedit or Word, reselect your text, copy it, then paste into Minerva.

This problem has been resolved with Blackboard and we are currently testing the update before applying the fix to Minerva.

Below is a quick overview of the new tools, if you can only see one row click the show more icon toward the right - it's the one with the double arrow.

The toolbar should look like this

Arial 12pt, is the recommended size, you can make the text bold or italic using the buttons on the top row. You can also highlight text.

If you move the  cursor over the tools above a description of the tool will appear. Images can be inserted and files attached using the tools on row three. You can click on an image and resize it by dragging the frame around the image.

The preview button top right will allow you to see the item before it is posted.

For more information please refer to the BSU IT Help pages.


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