Finale and Turnitin

Turnitin (TII) has some issues accepting non-text PDF files.  These issues can be circumvented by adding enough text into the document to keep Turnitin happy.  TII requires a minimum of 25 words in any document. Dynamics and tempo markings do not appear to count as words, unfortunately. The easiest way to take care of that is to create a cover page. 

Please follow this link to the Finale online Handbook to discover how to create a cover page:

Creating a Finale Cover Page

When you are finished, simply create your PDF in Finale, and then Turnitin should accept your document.

To create a PDF in Finale see:

Creating a PDF File in Finale

To Combine your PDF files:

  • First, open your documents in Preview.  
  • If Preview is your default PDF reader, then your documents will open in it when you click on them.  Otherwise, ctrl-click on your document and select Open with > Preview.
  • In the upper left-hand corner of the Preview window you will see a drop-down box.  Click on that and select "Thumbnails" in both documents. 
  • Resize your windows so that they are side-by-side.  You can do this by placing your cursor over the edge of the document until it appears as a double-sided arrow. Then ctrl-click and drag in the direction that you need in order to make the window fit properly.
  • Go to the window of the document that you want to be first and click on the top thumbnail if it isn't already selected. Then you can either type cmd-a, or go to the Edit window and choose "Select All". You should see a shadow box around all of the thumbnails for that document. 
  • Next, click and drag those thumbnails and place them above the first page of the other document.  If there are several pages, be patient because it takes a couple of seconds to process the drag and drop.

  • Now you have your combined document!


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