Minerva Guide for 2013-14

A new template for Minerva has been applied to all modules and courses for academic year 2013/14. The template encourages greater consistency and clarity of communication to students. All new students will be given an induction to Minerva and shown where to find key information, guidance notes will be available for current students. NSS data has shown us that communication is a key factor students judge us by, if you need assistance or support in developing your course and modules to the guidelines, please contact your school Learning Technologist.

To help you a set of simple guidance notes for staff have been developed. When you view your course and modules for 2013-2014 you will see a red circular 'i' symbol that will give you advice on what kind of information to add to each section and how to do this. The guidance notes are also available on the hub at http://thehub.bathspa.ac.uk/help/minerva.

Courses and Modules: There are two different templates, one for a course and one for a module. Minerva courses contain sections for levels 4, 5, and 6. These sections should only contain links to modules available to students to help them find their way around. All course delivery and assessment materials must be contained in the module.

The key sections listed below should contain all the material students are required to access, you should not rename or remove these, nor should there be a need to create more. Please see notes below for dealing with course copying and menu set-up.

Announcements allow you to disseminate important information related only to the module or course such as timetable changes or assessment deadlines. Consider other avenues of communication, such as email or school newsletter, for general information about concerts, exhibitions, trips etc.

Contacts already includes contact information to Bath Spa University resources, please to not delete these.

Handbook, upload your course or module handbook.

Schedule is the primary location for students to easily find and complete module specific activities, projects or tasks. All learning material must be in modules not in courses. For Minerva courses this section can be left blank. If you feel it is helpful you could add a course timetable here although this should already be contained in the course handbook.

Assessment should contain links for submission of written, verbal, visual or audio files by your students. This may require the setup of specific e-assessment tools, e.g. tests, journals, quizzes. Please contact your school Learning Technologist.

Resources already includes links to Bath Spa University resources, please to not delete these. Use this section for material students will need throughout the module or course. These could include Technical and health and safety guides, reading lists and templates.

Email is a quick link to the email tool. Use this within a course to contact all students on the course, use it within a module to contact only those students on the module. You will receive a copy of the email to your inbox.

Click this link to download a PDF guide.


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