The Wondrous Rubric

Rubrics are a fantastic way to make assignment expectations clear to both yourself and your students. A well-constructed rubric makes marking much simpler and can provide for more fertile feedback. This video walks you through the steps to create a rubric, setup a rubric in either Turnin or Minerva, and to mark with a rubric.

In the introduction to the above video, I say that there is a table of contents that you can use to navigate to different parts. Unfortunately, I can't get that working at this point, so you will have to use the scroll bar to find the various sections.

Intro: 00:00 up to 00:28 secs.
Purpose of Rubrics: 00:28 - 00:56 secs.
Types of Rubrics: 00:56 - 2:13
7 Steps to Building a Rubri: 2:13 - 4:21
TII Rubric Setup: 4:21 - 11:10
Marking with TII Rubric: 11:10 - 13:07
Minerva Rubric Setup: 13:07 - 17:51
Marking with Minerva Rubric: 17:51


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